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Teabowls, Cups, and Bowls for Sale

The following items are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing any of the following items, please use the Buy Now Paypal button.  You can also email Danny at Or use the contact form

Textured Mug 1

Price: $34.00

textured mug.JPG

Textured Cup

Price: $45.00

textured cup.JPG

Soup Bowl 2

Price: $30.00

Soup Bowl 2.JPG

Blue Cup

Price: $30.00

blue cup.JPG

Cooling Tower Cup

Price: $28.00

cooling tower cup.JPG

Tea/Wine Cup

Price: $60.00

tea-wine cup.JPG

Celadon Wine Cup 2

Price: $35.00

celadon wine cup 2.JPG

Coffee Cup

Price: $30.00

Coffee Cup.JPG

Soup Bowl 3

Price: $30.00

soup bowl 3.JPG

Blue Mug

Price: $28.00

Blue Mug.JPG

Celadon Wine Cup 1

Price: $35.00

celadon wine cup.JPG

Soup Bowl 1

Price: $30.00

Soup Bowl 1.JPG

Matcha Bowl

Price: $35.00

Matcha Bowl.JPG

Textured Mug 2

Price: $30.00

textured mug 2.JPG
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